About Amahi

Thousands of people in over 30 countries around the world rely on Amahi on a daily basis. Most of them run their Amahi server 24x7, making it the most widely used, most reliable and most extensible open source home server in the world.

Amahi has the largest collection of apps in the world and is suitable for home and small-businesses. All the built-in features are very friendly to use and are available in over 20 languages!

Because Amahi is open source, you can make changes to the code as you wish. The extensive wiki guides and HOWTOs make changing and adding features simple. Best of all, Amahi is not just open source, it's FREE!

The Team

The Amahi team is made up of a Core team and contributors. There are several kinds of contributors, depending on what they enjoy doing. We have a Developer team, a Beta Testers team and a vibrant community of contributors to in a from all over the world. Get in touch with the team via IRC or email to become a contributor.

Our Vision

We built Amahi to simplify home networking, with a community-driven, open source approach.

Home networks are exploding in complexity as the number of network-enabled devices in the home continues to grow. Networking and managing desktop and laptop computers, Wi-Fi enabled phones, tablets, game consoles, DVRs and set-top boxes is becoming a complex task.

Taking advantage of all these devices is even more complex. Amahi makes managing your home network simpler by centralizing networking services, and helping you manage the complexity for the benefit of the rest of the users of your network.

Contact Us

To get in touch with us write us at:

support at amahi dot org       

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