Open Source, Community Driven

Amahi is Open Source software and community-driven. We have built a great community. Come check it out!


Amahi has a lively IRC channel. Come visit to check things out, say hi, blast us, ask support questions, or help others with your expertise!

    Channel: #amahi

Here is a helpful IRC howto, if you are new to IRC.

You can find some IRC help on the Mozilla IRC howto or this IRC tutorial.

We recommend the XChat client for Windows and Linux, mIRC for Windows only and Colloquy for Mac OS X.

Mailing Lists

Packaging and writing Amahi apps is where the action is!

We have one mailing list, for developers and packagers of apps interested in code commits and development discussion, the developers mailing list.

Our team has been part of the Open Source and GNU/Linux community since 1993, contributing to the kernel with the first driver for a video frame grabber, leading the early development of the SCSI-generic layer, writing graphics drivers, samba development, and much more.