Amahi for iOS

Access your data with your iPad, iPhone and iPod, at home or on the go!

Amahi for iOS enables you to access your HDA's files at any time, from anywhere.App store

  • Seamless remote access. No need for port-forwarding or VPN!
  • Fast local access with LAN access mode
  • Support for streaming most of the popular media codecs and containers, like MPEG-4, MKV, DivX, Xvid, MP3 and more.
  • Support for the most popular document formats like PDF, Powerpoint, Excel, Word and HTML
  • AirPlay support to stream to Apple TV and other interfaces like XBMC
  • Easy and intuitive, interface styled for iOS 7
  • Embedded VLC player developed in collaboration with the VideoLAN team
  • Dynamic audio track selection, subtitles selection and aspect ratio selection
  • Support for iPhone, iPod and iPad, running iOS 6 and later
  • Secure SSL standards-compliant
  • Using Amahi's very own open-source transport technology
  • Single logon with your Amahi credentials

Amahi for iOS in action

Check out these screenshots of the Amahi iOS app on an iPad watching movies, reading books, browsing pictures and more!

Movie play thumbPictures thumbSubtitles thumb

Book thumbLogin thumbPdf thumb

Getting Started

To get going with Amahi for iOS, you need an Amahi 6 or Amahi 7 HDA, thenApp store

Oh, ... and send us feedback or simply file a bug.

Feature Requests, Bugs, Known Issues

In order to improve the Amahi for iOS app, we have set up a project bug tracker.

Feel free to browse, add issues, suggest fixes or request new features there!