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Logos and More

  • Thank you for your interest in Amahi! Below you can find logos and other media for Amahi.

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Logo Originals

Logo Letters

The Amahi logo letters are made of a specially modified version of the DIN Pro Black font, where the glyph for the "i" character has been customized to have a round dot instead of the font's rectangular dot. Glyphs 582 and 699 in the DIN Pro Black font can be used as an approximation of the above.


Check out screenshots of the Amahi software in action!

Sshot home thumb Sshot apps thumb Sshot shares thumb

Sshot partitions thumb Sshot disks thumb Sshot pool thumb

Sshot servers thumb Sshot themes thumb Sshot networking settings thumb


  • You can see some Amahi videos at our Blip TV Amahi Videos Channel, like the one below from our celebrity spokesperson ;-)


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