See what Amahi users are saying!

One of the greatest things of Amahi is the community. Check out what Amahi users are saying!

Quotes l Moving to AMAHI was the best decision I made in a very long time and that was a few years ago now! .. I rely upon it to keep my 'stuff' backed up, stream my music and videos and be a reliable device in my home. All the people involved in such a great project should be commended and appreciated for everything you do to make it a success! Quotes r


Nick Powell, U.K.

Quotes l I'm surprised something as good as Amahi is still free and not being sold in stores preinstalled. I simply love it! Quotes r


Keith Clark, Dogzrule Web Design, Vancouver, Washington, USA

Quotes l I have to say, we have used Amahi for two years now and have VERY few problems. All the developers and contributors have done an amazing job with the project. Keep up the good work! Quotes r


Nick Dearing

Quotes l I just want to send a big thanks for the great job you guys are doing [...]

I love Amahi and have been using it for 2 years now! I only check it once a month, (maybe), but other than that it just runs flawlessly in the background. I appreciate all of the hard work and effort the developers, testers and forum moderators put in ... so people like me don't have to.

It is a great product that I have told all my friends about. Keep up the good work! Quotes r


Chris Spaulding, Lilnurn, GA, USA

Quotes l I was able to run the Amahi VPN from work today. It's an XP Pro SP2 machine and I was able to run the HDAConnect VPN client [...] then I used the VNC Viewer to open the desktop. I could also get my dashboard, wiki, calendar, etc. Very cool!!! Quotes r


M. D.

Quotes l I just had to say THANK YOU for the unbelievably fantastic product you have. I was running it on an old box with Fedora 14 and it was threatening to die. I set up a new box, and saw the announcement on the Ubuntu version [...] and figured I'd dig in and do it again.

In over 30 years working with computers, I've never had an installation go so smoothly. It was absolutely brilliant! It took next to no time at all and was just the way I wanted it, just they way I left it actually. Just running under a much newer operating system with much better hardware.

Congratulations to everyone at Amahi. You've done an absolutely fantastic job! Quotes r


Bill Hixon, Tallmadge, Ohio, USA

Quotes l Thank you for putting together such a useful product. It's one of the few computer products that's actually enjoyable to use. Our company invested in one a few months ago, set up the server and had a VPN running in half an hour or so.

We kept looking to see if we needed to do anything more once it was set up, but we were backing up everyone's data, sharing media between computers, and accessing our network remotely in no time.

... Great job guys! Quotes r


Dan Simmins, PrintingPeach.ca, Toronto, Canada,

Quotes l I was looking for a replacement for Windows Home Server [..]. My home server forms the backbone of my network and as I am a freelance cameraman, video editor and photographer, I make high demands on reliability, usability and performance. WHS never cut it for me and the Drobo, which served me well for the past year, has a shockingly lacking performance.

Enter the Amahi Home Server!

The Amahi team have pooled the best of what the Open Source Software community has to offer and wrapped it up in an easy to install, configure and maintain package. I don't know why it is available freely as no doubt a lot of time has been invested developing it. It puts other paid efforts to shame in my opinion.

The cornerstone of Amahi Home Server for me is the sleek integration of Greyhole, which is drive pooling and folder duplication all in one. Instead of RAID it forms a very fast, reliable and, moreover, efficient way to keep your data save by copying it (mirroring) across available hard drives, which can be of any size and flavour.

I now have a DHCP, VPN, (redundant) file server, IRC proxy, UPNP media server, and bittorrent client all in one easy to manage package.

Thank you to the Amahi team for providing a well supported, documented and developed solution. Quotes r


Axel Segebrecht, Woking, UK

Quotes l

I love Amahi so much. I routinely use a few apps I bought, like DLNA and Crashplan, which are amazing. I use it also to stream movies to my X-Box, computers, and iPhone. Very useful!

This is the most useful server I have ever had or seen and I would recommend it to everyone and I love it. Thank you to everyone who helps to keep Amahi going and to the users that are using it!

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Austin Dickson, Michigan, USA

Quotes l Best and simplest experience with a Linux server I have ever had. Everything just works out the box!

I have tried various servers [...] and Amahi is head and shoulders above the others for usability and simple install! Quotes r


Gavin Swanson, London

Quotes l I can honestly say that from what I have seen so far, Greyhole works a lot better than WHS DE (Windows Home Server Drive Extender) as far as equaling out storage across drives in the storage pool [..] GreyHole works a lot better [..] DE would only replicate an individual file to two physical drives, ... with GreyHole, if you turn on duplication for a folder it copies each individual file to every drive in the storage pool. Quotes r


Arthur Hawkins, Hodgenville, KY

Quotes l You've "...got the ultimate Linux Home Server that is business up front, and all party in the back! Quotes r


Chris Fisher and Bryan Lunduke, Linux Action Show

Quotes l

I was fortunate enough to find Amahi server after several failed attempts at installing and configuring Windows Home Server. Amahi's setup worked flawlessly, and I was up and fully functional in no time.

The additional option of adding software that is easily accessible through the dashboard makes this package priceless, even though it is provided free of charge. I highly recommend Amahi to anyone interested in setting up their own server.

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S. Craig, Boise, ID

Quotes l Amahi has made my digital life soooo much easier. Now I don't need to be at home to walk my fiance through the steps of fixing something on the computer, or to show her where a file is. The VPN is great, seeing how I travel a lot for work. I no longer need to use three different tools to gain access to my network, control the computer, or get a file. It's all right there in Amahi.

The streaming servers and the new web streaming app that's in development looks amazing. I have put my entire collection of DVDs on the network and now don't need to get up every time I want to watch something.

Now with the Videos5 app in development I will be able to watch them when away without using extrema amounts of bandwidth.

All in all, Amahi has made my life at home exponentially better, and my time away from, feel like home. Quotes r


Noel Rooney, Tarrytown, NY

Quotes l Just got done installing this awesome piece of software. After trying a couple other options to do what i wanted my server to do ... I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!!

Install was a snap. Setup has been just as easy. One click and uShare was working perfectly. After the time spent with other NAS-type distros getting this ONE piece of software working properly, I was surprised and pleased that Amahi works "out-of-the-box". Keep it up guys this stuff ROX! Quotes r


Rick Creech, Salina, KS

Quotes l I just want to say how amazing Amahi is .. So far I am extremely impressed. I have come from 4 reinstallations of WHS ... From what I have seen Amahi is rock solid

Its so nice to have peace of mind with these things! Quotes r


Ben Quittner, Victoria, Australia

Quotes l I have never had the levels of success with Samba that Amahi provides right out of the box. Both Mac, Linux and Windows clients pick up on the shares with ease. This allows for home and business users to have files and backups available no matter which computer they are on Quotes r


Terrence Osmond, Durban, South Africa

Quotes l I've rolled my own server for years now but Amahi really made it fun for me again! Quotes r


Chris Jones, Orlando, FL

Quotes l I never knew some of the stuff Amahi does easily was even possible!

It gives my network way too much functionality! Quotes r



Quotes l [Amahi is] the swiss pocket knife of home network servers. Been playing with it for a few weeks and I'm still impressed! Quotes r


@YoYo, Salt Lake City, UT

Quotes l I ditched my PC OS, bought a Mac and turned my PC into Amahi! I luv it! Quotes r


grof, Montreal, Canada

Quotes l Your [Amahi Linux] software does everything I want my server to do -- in one package! Quotes r


John P. R.

Quotes l So I'm on a plane at 30,000 feet. I'm using the on-board WiFi, connected via VPN to the Amahi Server in my home office. I'm streaming music off the server onto my laptop. This is just too freaking cool! Quotes r


Jeff Haagenstad, Apple Valley, MN

Quotes l The most friendly Linux related community I have ever come across! Kudos! Quotes r


Thomas Lilliesköld-Gnesta, Sweden

Quotes l I felt compelled to to send this email to applaud the efforts of the Amahi community .... Amahi is awesome. It works "right out of the box"!

[I would only ask that you] add a dashboard item for mounting new drives! Quotes r


Brett Brunetti, New Hartford, CT, USA

Quotes l I have tried numerous "Home Server" setups over the past year. ... I found Amahi and ... the install was amazingly simple, by far the easiest install of them all. I was really tickled when it all worked right out of the box. Finally, someone seemed to know what I was trying to do and configured it that way.

Our thanks to the Amahi team for putting this together. Quotes r


C. Hutch, Dallas, Texas

Quotes l Easy Install ... and I am a Linux newbie! Great Software! ... does everything that a home server should. Easy Interface! ... Perfect for the internet/netbook/Iphone generation (even if I am ZX Spectrum generation). Nicely Done Team! Quotes r


Matthew Humphrey, Kent, UK

Quotes l THIS IS how Linux should (and needs to) be. It really is impressive, the install is slick and judging by the available apps, few users will be left wanting much more. So far, you have broken the mold for Linux. 1st class job so far .... I'm off to play! Thank you for the obvious hard work. Quotes r


Duncan Hill, Algarve, Portugal

Quotes l I live in a household with 10 computers running a variety of operating systems - 4 Macs running Leopard, 1 Vista, 3 Windows XP, 1 Unbuntu and 1 Fedora. I was looking for a flexible and robust home server solution that I could set and forget. I've found it with the Amahi Home Server.

I was an early adopter of Windows Home Server but wasn't happy with it. It was "delicate". Issues appeared on a daily basis and it didn't "play well" with the non-Microsoft computers in my house.

I've had my Amahi server up and running for a few months now and am very pleased. The thing just hums away quietly in the corner. Setting up user accounts is a no brainer. I use it as a file server, music server, video server and to download torrents.

So far I've accessed it remotely using openvpn from around North America, Europe and Asia. I'm no linux geek but haven't had any significant problems setting it up. Any questions I had were answer promptly by the Amahi team. Kudos on an excellent product.

Its exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommended. Quotes r


Richard, Calgary, Canada

Quotes l Your system it is without a doubt one of the best things around +++++++++! Quotes r


D. B. A., Phoenix, AZ

Quotes l Amahi has one of the nicest and most helpful support chat rooms of any system I have worked with. I have been working on computers for a long time, and have been to a lot of chat rooms. This is one of the few that always welcomes me and you guys really take the time to help. Thanks! Quotes r


M. E., Minnesota, USA

Quotes l "I have been looking for a solution to house lots of various forms of media and Amahi is the key!" Quotes r


Ron B.

Quotes l Backups are a major item. I back things up far less than I should, and have been searching for a back up system that I like. I did some betas, but was never impressed. I like the approach taken in this project [ Amahi linux home server]. Quotes r


A. B.

Quotes l I would be so lost without my Amahi HDA!! Quotes r


Brandon K., Nashville, TN

Quotes l I've got a spare old desktop computer I wish to set as a server at home, however the idea of lots of tinkering is not very appealing. Amahi installed very easily, plus the support team is very prompt in answering my question. Kudos to the Amahi team! Quotes r


D.S.P, Semarang, Indonesia

Quotes l My server has been running strong for weeks now. Amahi is a life saver. Makes me want to cry thinking about all the times I had to restart my Windows Home Server until the viruses finally took over and put it to sleep. This has made my life so much easier! Quotes r


M.K in Westchester, NY

Quotes l I've been up and running for about 2 months now without any major hitch.

I have been a Windows user all my life and decided to make the plunge to open source software, how freaking refreshing it is! Since that time I have frequented the forums and IRC channel and have found everybody very helpful and eager to help me.

Not being a "tech guy" , the learning curve for both Fredora and Amahi was fairly straight forward and easy. The exciting thing about all of this, though, is if I want to stay simple, I'm done, I don't need to do anything else, but if I want to, I can add to my system in infinite amount of ways to achieve a truly personal home server.

Thanks to all that maintain and move forward this project! Quotes r


GJC in Santa Rosa, California

Quotes l This is the best experience I've had with Linux! ... you have a hit on your hands! Quotes r


S. P., UK

Quotes l Thank you, I am glad your are endeavoring in a project like Amahi that will be very useful to those of us who are new to Linux seeking out what you call an HDA! Quotes r



Quotes l I think [Amahi's] aims are right on target for what I am looking for in a home server. Quotes r


M. D.

Quotes l I am so excited that I found your Home Server solution. I have been looking for a friendly, not overdone home server solution...and I believe I have found it! Quotes r


R. M.

Quotes l Amahi makes backups real easy! Quotes r


K. N.